Parent Code of Conduct

Mar 20, 2018 6:28 PM
Angela Roberge

Scarborough Little League

Parent and Volunteer Code of Conduct


By participating in the Scarborough Little League Baseball or Softball Program, including practices, scrimmages, regular season games, tournaments and/or other team activities – parents(s), guardians, family members, coaches, and managers agree to follow this Code of Conduct. Any violation of this Code will expose violators and associated players to suspension, expulsion, or any other disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the Scarborough Little League President, Ethics Committee, or Board of Directors.

Scarborough Little League Families and Volunteers:

1. Are expected to maintain appropriate levels of behavior as an example to the players.

2. Are accountable for their behavior while engaged in any activity involving players. This includes but is not limited to practices, games, and team gatherings.

3. Are not permitted to smoke or consume alcohol in the presence of players prior, during, or immediately following practices or game competition at the field or in the parking lot.

4. Shall not use foul language towards the players, coaches, officials, other parents or fans.

5. Shall not exhibit uncontrolled temper prior, during, or immediately following game competition.

6. Shall show respect to coaches, umpires, and players at all times. If a parent wishes to address issues regarding their player’s participation on the team, they will do so at an appropriate time and with respect. Such inquiries will come at a time that does not conflict with practices or games. Meeting place will not be on a field or in a parking lot with other players or parents present. The coach shall make every attempt to handle any issues in person with the parent or player within 24 hours or at a mutually agreed upon time.

7. Shall not draw attention away from the game by behaving in a loud or inappropriate manner. Verbally criticizing officials, coaches, parents or players in a manner that allows other people to overhear your comments is highly inappropriate.

8. Shall not blame the outcome of the game on officials, coaches, or individual players.

9. Must at all times, in all aspects of their lives, attempt to reflect well on the team and league.

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